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SHOP OF ART UK, is a bespoke online shop for art lovers looking to buy the unique, eclectic or handmade. Shop of Art UK, offers ‘Interesting Art for Interesting People’, made by independent leading artists and hand-picked by Cambridge-based artist-engineer Diana Scarborough. A perfect place to buy high-quality one-off artworks, gifts, art tours and more, all created by artists, artisans, writers and even a scientist! Buying from Shop of Art UK, you will be supporting a small but growing community of talented creatives, all brought together with Diana’s keen curatorial eye.

Why not buy a wall-mounted sculpture, a bespoke fine art print or an original drawing by a leading artist? Alternatively, you can buy artist-made earrings, artisan chocolates or an artist book may be the perfect gift to yourself or a best friend? As an art lover, patron and collector yourself, you too will become part of our art family. Welcome to the Shop of Art UK!  Read On, or Click HERE to Shop

The Creatives

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Textile artist
Photographer, filmmaker
Artist-engineer curator
Mixed-media artist
Scientist, chemist
Illustrator, ceramicist
Artist, sculptor
Illustrator, printmaker
Writer, theatre-maker

Shop of Art, Our Story

When you buy through the SHOP OF ART, you are supporting a small community of talented creatives, all brought together with Diana’s curatorial skills and insider knowledge.Artworks, experiences and gifts are hand-selected by Diana and are designed to be niche. This is a shop for lovers of art and science with an ecological heart and is building a supportive artist community for independent professional artists, many of whom are Cambridge-based.The selection of products and unique creative experiences change as new artists are invited to exhibit on the Shop of Art, and our current artists’ work evolves.

We offer free shipping in the UK but we are very happy to ship elsewhere. Just let us know where you live by using the Contact Form and we can arrange delivery.Enjoy your explorations and revisit us regularly to see what’s inspiring! To learn more about the Shop of Art, founder-curator Diana Scarborough, or her Artist House click Our Story.

shop of art diana hair and maggi painting

The Shop of Art is created and curated by an ARTIST for ARTISTS. When you buy through Shop of Art you are supporting a small but growing community of talented creatives, all brought together by Diana Scarborough’s keen curatorial eye.

Designed and selected to showcase artworks, gifts and experiences of the highest quality to buy, it is also a shop for lovers of art and science, the unusual, the edible or the fun.

The selection of art, gifts and bespoke creative experiences will change as new artists are invited to join, or new works from our resident artists are added. Enjoy your browsing and check-in regularly to see what’s new!

Photo Credit: E.Haring-Woods

Diana Scarborough’s international contemporary art practice reveals the invisible, collaborating with scientists and artists to visualise research and concepts.

Working with British Antarctic Survey, Cambridge-based nano-scientists, contemporary dancers and composers, Diana creates public art inspired by the exquisite ‘sounds’ of space, nanoparticles and analogue technology, seeking meaning beyond their beauty using a multimedia palette.As an experienced educator and creative engagement practitioner she also delivers bespoke art courses, impact or CPD workshops and videographer services. Visit for details.

Video Still Selection: Earth Stands Still, Water, Pulsars, Saturn Radio Emissions. Click for videos

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