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Molecular Chocolate Bars That Changed the World (3x50g)


Molecular Chocolates: Caffeine, Ethanol, Glucose :  3 x 50g bars of handcrafted chocolates created by a Croatian chocolatier in collaboration with a Cambridge-based chemist.

Caffeine (Simulation2):  Dark chocolate (70%) with coffee bean 50g. (May contain the traces of nuts)

Ethanol (Daily Dose of Alcohol):  Dark chocolate (70%) with  sage, walnuts and walnut  liqueur   50g.(Contains nuts)

Glucose (Turn on your Glycolysis):  Dark chocolate (70%) with figs.  50g (May contain the traces of nuts)

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Caffeine (Simulation2) Dark chocolate (70%) with coffee beans (May contain the traces of nuts) 50g. A main ingredient of the most beloved morning drink can be found in leaves and fruits of sixty types of plants. People have been using caffeine since the Stone Age, but the first coffee shops in Europe were opened in 15thcentury in Istanbul. 225 billion cups of coffee are consumed in the world per day (or 26 041 per second). Each cup contains around 85 mg of caffeine so around 192 kg of caffeine is used per day (excluding this chocolate, of course!)

Ethanol (Daily Dose of Alcohol) Dark chocolate (70%) with  sage, walnuts and walnut  liqueur 50g. (Contains nuts). As a metabolic product, ethanol can be found in various cells, particularly those of different fruits. It is produced through the process of fermentation in which a degradation of sugars occurs in the presence of yeast (this procedure is used to make wine and beer). Besides making us happy, it is also used as antiseptic in medicine, a very important solvent and recently, as biofuel.

Glucose (Turn on your Glycolysis) Dark chocolate (70%) with figs. 50g.  Glucose is a sugar and a main product of photosynthesis, a sunlight triggered chemical reaction in plants and some bacteria. It is a source of energy for many organisms, and human cells transform it into carbon dioxide and water with release of energy in the process called glycolysis. Glucose got a lot of bad press in the past years BUT it is a crucial source of energy for brain and driver of out metabolic processes. GLUCOSE molecular chocolate is nicely balancing the amount of glucose by mixing the dark chocolate with dry figs.

Molecules that changed the world are offered in chocolate form. Chocolates, which were first developed to make chemistry sweet and fun, soon became very popular due to the quality of the ingredients which were adapted to the molecule they feature. First edition contains four different chocolates each containing little snippet of the information about the molecule it features as well as the QR code to the 3D representation of the molecule. This is the first time they are on sale in UK, although they have been featured in the official University of Cambridge cafes. These are sold as a three variety pack. Enjoy three different food sensations!

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