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Wasabi Jacket #1


This unique Wasabi Jacket #1 is an asymmetrical fully lined jacket designed by artist Brenda Mayo.

This one is mixed fibre polyester brocade with polyester brocade lining

Dry clean only. Easy fit/ One size fits all. Price included package and posting

In Stock

Brenda Mayo designs and makes clothing on the theme of Silk and Sackcloth. The jacket pictured here can be worn with jeans as easily as with a skirt or favourite frock. I arrived at the design while working on a different garment. Something caught her eye and she pursued it to develop this asymmetrical shape. The first one I made was the red wool jacket in my picture. Since then I’ve introduced a variety of details and motifs. A particular influence on my work is Japanese design. I am captivated by its ingenious reinvention of work wear.

The Wasabi is an everyday jacket!

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