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The Shop of Art, designed and curated by Cambridge artist Diana Scarborough, is unique in its collaborative approach to selling art, gifts and experiences. An artist herself, Diana hand-picks the art, artist, and creative experiences for their originality, beauty and personal appeal. She seeks quality work that inspires her, and hopes you share her passion and love for what she has curated here. Diana is also an electronics engineer, so it is hardly surprising that her contemporary art-science practice is inspired by space, technology and data. Her favourite themes are evidenced both in her own artworks and on the curatorial choices she has made for the Shop of Art.

SHOP OF ART is a bespoke online shop for art lovers who are looking to buy the unique, eclectic, one-off creations made by independent leading artists, scientists and other creative practitioners. Shop of Art is the perfect place to buy those art gifts with a science twist or original pieces to add to your collection or as gift for others. We are constantly adding to our collection, so do pop in regularly so you don’t miss out on one-of-a-kind artworks before they are sold.

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About Me

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Hi. I’m Diana. I work creatively and collaboratively, taking inspiration from science. I am particularly excited by concepts of data, code, the cosmos, old technology, and environmental challenges. I studied Fine Art at The Royal Academy of Art in the Netherlands, and completed an MA in printmaking in Cambridge, UK. For years I worked internationally as a telecommunications system engineer and this continues to influence my multidisciplinary artist practice. My most recent artwork has a public engagement focus, and fuses film, video, sound and dance as installations and performances. I love to combine the analogue with the digital, creating work which ‘makes the invisible visible’.


An Art-Video by Diana Scarborough

The art-video by Diana Scarborough is an artwork for a recent album, Aurora Musicalis. It combines a day of Earth ‘sounds’ derived from the  VLF receiver at Halley Research station in Antarctica with piano played ‘at the range of a human heart beat’. Images from British Antarctic  Survey (BAS) archives merge at a similar pace evoking a sense of yearning and wonder in isolation.

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The Sounds of Space Project is an ongoing collaboration between Diana Scarborough, Dr Nigel Meredith, a space weather research scientist and Kim Cunio, thought leader, composer and Head of Music at the Australian National University.

The entire album is available to download for free on Bandcamp.

Created by an Artist for Artists

When you buy through Shop of Art you are supporting a small but growing community of talented creatives, all brought together with Diana’s keen curatorial eye. Here you will find prints and art that Diana has hand-selected, produced by independent professional artists. Indulge in our handcrafted molecular chocolates or celebrate the art-science fusion with earrings inspired by Diana’s imagined periodic table!

Designed to be niche, it is shop for lovers of art and science, and is building a supportive community for other independent artists.Our selection of products available will constantly change as the new artists are invited to join the community and our current artists’ work evolves. Enjoy your explorations!

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Art at the Artist House

Diana’s artworks are on display at the Artist House, a Victorian terrace cottage in spectacular North Yorkshire. Diana is the owner of  beautifully decorated holiday-let Victorian terrace house with country views and walking access to the Cleveland Way and the beach. The 3 bedroom dog-friendly house is filled with Diana Scarborough’s prints and photographs. Artworks change seasonally and if something catches your eye and your heart, just get in contact and it’s there for you to buy. If you’re looking for a unique artistic or walking vacation in the wonderful North Yorkshire coast, why not book a short break or a longer stay and immerse yourself in beauty, outside and in. 

Book Artist House Loftus

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Diana Scarborough is an incredible adventurer in the meeting place between art and science, activism and critical thought. Follow this work and all her work to be inspired stimulated and feel that you, like all of us can make a difference in this world. For my part I am constantly amazed at what she does and so delighted to be one of her collaborators​
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Kim Cunio
Composer & Head of Music,ANU
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