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I am the curator of the Shop of Art and a Cambridge-based  multimedia artist.Since moving to Cambridge in 2006. I work collaboratively on large projects and Shop of Art  is one of my latest art creations. My idea is  to bring my fellow artists together an art collective,  through the sharing their work in an online space while offering the art lover visitor  the opportunity to see  the work, connect with an art and purchase the work. It also want to share the work of my fellow artists I admire. I see Shop of Art as a destination for the  art-curious. Each artist has been selected for their unique style, medium and intention. As the Shop of Art collective matures and grows I want it to be a place to find the original and authentic  and you to be part of our journey. ARTIST WEBSITE

I am the owner of the Artist House in Loftus, a holiday house filled with  prints and drawings , many of which are for sale.  Artists from the Shop of Art collective are invited to exhibit on a seasonal basis.  ARTIST HOUSE


Diana Scarborough is an incredible adventurer in the meeting place between art and science, activism and critical thought. Follow this work and all her work to be inspired stimulated and feel that you, like all of us can make a difference in this world. For my part I am constantly amazed at what she does and so delighted to be one of her collaborators​
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