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Diana Scarborough

As an artist-engineer and founder-creator of the Shop of Art, Diana Scarborough works collaboratively nationally and internationally. Her multimedia and installation practice is inspired by working with scientists, exploring the ‘nanoscale’ and ‘Sounds of Space’, using sound and video as a fine art medium. With British Antarctic Survey (BAS) she explores data as sound and animation accompanied by performance. Her etching and letterpress prints are informed by her fascination with pattern and code. She has an MA in Printmaking (Cambridge), BA Fine Art (Royal Academy of Art, Netherlands) and BSc Electronics Engineering (York University)

Richard Bray

For artist and sculptor Richard Bray, the visual perception of his work is often at first illusionary, since the rhythms and systems that he uses are intended to stimulate questions as to the volume, position, perspective and structure of the materials engaged. It might be seen as a dialogue between the natural and introduced forms.

Bill Jackson

Bill Jackson is an international multi award winning Photographer and Filmmaker. His work crosses genres for both gallery and site specific installations. The concept of time is crucial to his ideas, exchanging the classic definition of photography as a series of instant glimpses of the world in which we live, to a personal definition of ‘space-time’ by manipulating the time base in the moving image. Implicit rather than explicit is an exploration of the landscape and implications of climate change through a series of symbolic gestures. Comfortable working in the day and in the night, developing techniques to explore our idea and how we perceive our notions of time through image music and text. Graduate of Coventry University School Of Art and Birmingham Institute of Art and Design

Michael Woods

Michael Woods worked in the creative industries and his expertise includes creative and strategic consultancy, brand development, large-scale retail exhibition and promotional display design for international clients. Originally from South Wales and then based in central London for many years, Michael relocated to the pastoral beauty of east Suffolk, UK to develop his interests in ceramics, graphic illustration and publishing. He applies his extensive experience in graphic illustrations to create uncompromising images for story books made in collaboration with author Robert Cattell through their publishing venture, Tricksterville.

Candelaria Capurro Ferrer

Candelaria Capurro Ferrer is a Cambridge – based artist and creative. About these artworks she says’ ‘I like the feeling of layers, as it does expresses time and space. Like in life nothing seems what it is.’ Her background is in ceramics so for her touching the material is very important. She has been fascinated by landscapes seen from above, so collage expresses juxtapositions of fields and boundaries.

Candelaria Capurro Ferrer

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